COVID-19: In pictures, Dubai residents get in to regular work mode

Dubai residents welcome normal work hours as the economy reboots again

Sheldon John Dias, an Educational Supervisor and IBDP EE Coordinator at GEMS Mordern Academy Dubai, takes an online Dramatic Theory class from home with his one month old son Shyloh fast asleep in his arms.
Dr. Nuno Sarmento, a General Dentist at the Dubai London Clinic and Speciality Hospital, and his nurse John Desson Mabiscay, take all precautionary measures when attending to patients for their safety and theirs. They wear the N95 mask, shoe cover, hair cover, face shield, surgical gown and gloves to avoid any transfer of disease.
Shaazia Qureishi and Abbas Ali Kanchwala, Owners and Fitness Instructors at Yasmin Karachiwalas. The PAD Pilates & Dance, ensure to maintain a 2.5 meters distance between machines and currently work at 50% capacity to ensure their own and customer safety at the studio.
Things get even hotter in the kitchens post the pandemic as staff are now required to wear gloves, masks, foot covers and head covers when preparing or serving food at diners.
As biking gains popularity in the city cleaners ensure the Careem rental bikes are routinely cleaned post the pandemic.
Cleaners go the extra mile to keep the Dubai clean and safe post the Covid19 pandemic restrictions have been eased in Dubai.
Delivery man riding motor bike.
Security guards are now tasked with temperature checks on entrance of malls and supermarkets and maintaining social distancing etiquette in addition to their regular duties post the pandemic.
Waiters are now not only tasked with serving visitors, instead for some, their job also entails keeping the diner or restaurant well sanitised at all times through the day to ensure the safety of the staff and the diners.
Petrol station attendants work through the day and night adorning masks and gloves to ensure the safety of themselves, their coworkers, as well as the hundreds of visitors they interact with through the day.
Delivery boys make regular contact with online shoppers everyday, requiring them to take precautions with masks and gloves when on the job.
Construction workers add yet another accessory to their work wardrobe in order to stay safe on the job; a mask. Due to the Covid19 virus outbreak and being in constant close quarters these workers must get accustomed to wearing masks through their work hours.

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