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Apartments for sale in Dubai

Dubai is a fast-developing metropolitan city in a country with an ever-growing economy. It has transformed into one of the world's largest business and leisure hubs and is a gold-standard for city-living. Dubai apartments for sale is full of residential communities that are loved for their ideal locations, convenient amenities and world-class facilities. The developers in this grand city are announcing new residential neighbourhoods and projects every month, which make for a very active real estate industry. This observation ensures constant availability of buy apartments in dubai on installments.

Like in most cosmopolitan cities, apartments are a favoured choice of dwelling. Since 2002, both locals and expatriates can seek long term investment by purchasing an apartment in the country. Buyers can choose from a wide array of apartments varying in the number of bedrooms, style, size and price. Around the city, young professionals and couples prefer to reside in studios or 1-bedroom apartments while larger families choose 2, 3 or 4-bedroom apartments or penthouses. This observation is so because apartments in dubai for sales are usually the more affordable form of housing in Dubai apartments for sale, as the larger size and amenities of a villa or townhouse also directly affect the price of the property.

The apartments for sale in Dubai are available in a wide price range. This includes unfurnished, affordable apartments to fully furnished, opulent, spacious apartments. There exist studio apartments for sale in Dubai in residential communities or as stand-alone properties. Apartments for sale in suburban neighbourhoods have the added benefit of access to the premium health, wellness, dining, retail and entertainment facilities provided at the developed community. These facilities include clubhouses, sports courts, jogging tracks, swimming pools, gymnasiums and community centres.

Some apartments in stand-alone towers have access to gymnasiums and swimming pools within the residential complex.

What are the communities that offer apartments in Dubai?

Apartments are a common choice of housing in the emirate of Dubai. The lower cost, increased convenience, and central location are a few of the reasons for the popularity of apartments amongst residents. In Dubai apartments for sale, most areas will have the provision of apartments in dubai for sale, both for sale and rent. The best areas to buy a ready apartment in Dubai are Downtown Dubai, Business Bay, Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, Jumeirah Lakes Towers and Dubai Motor City.

What are the costs involved in purchasing an apartment in Dubai?

A significant aspect of consideration with respect to the costs involved in purchasing an apartment include:

  1. Down Payment - The down payment can sometimes be up to 25% of the total value of the residence.
  2. Land Department Fees -The fee is usually 4% of the value of the apartment that is on sale.
  3. Mortgage Registration - 0.25% of the loan amount plus a small fee is often the composition of the mortgage registration costs.
  4. Registration Fees - The registration fees vary with the value of the property. For properties that are valued under AED 500,000, the charges are usually AED 2000. For properties that are valued over the threshold, the costs are traditionally AED 4000.
  5. Mortgage - Paid in instalments based on your mortgage interest rate, length of your mortgage and value of your property.

What methods of return on investment (ROI) can I use on my purchase of an apartment in Dubai?

Potential methods of return on investment include:

  1. Rental Yields - Apartments in Dubai for sale can be purchased with the intent of benefitting from the rental yields. As Dubai hosts many young business professionals and families, the demand for good-quality rental apartments is always high. Thus, this is an appropriate path for a safer return on investment, albeit a long term one.
  2. Resale - Apartments for sale in Dubai can be purchased as an investment opportunity. This method of return on investment involves buying a property at a lower cost and selling it to a new buyer at a higher price after improving its facilities or as the area grows. This avenue of return on investment is one of the quicker methods of benefitting from a property.

Apartment living in a metropolitan city:

Dubai's booming economy is now more reliant on its industry and investment as opposed to solely depending on its oil-based profits, as seen in the past. These investments are more frequently found to be in the residential real estate market due to the increasing population of the emirate.

As Dubai has developed into the metropolitan giant that it is now, it has seen an increase in the population of the emirate, mainly in the number of expatriates. Expatriates are attracted to the fantastic city of Dubai due to the endless career and lifestyle opportunities it offers. Apartments are a favoured choice amongst real estate investors as they are a popular choice amongst expatriates. Therefore, the demand for apartments will increase in the future.

Choosing to buy an apartment in Dubai is the first step in achieving a comfortable, serene and distinctive lifestyle. In a metropolitan city like Dubai apartments for sale, apartments are a great choice of investment. Buy Apartments in Dubai are available in a wide array of sizes, styles and prices. Fidu Properties is pleased to present a wide variety of furnished apartments for sale in Dubai. Our agents are equipped with the knowledge and experience to guide you through your real estate transaction. They aim to ensure that you receive the best prices and payments plans on your choice of apartment. Listed are some apartments for sale in Dubai that you can peruse through.

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