FIDU Properties BBQ Party @ Zabeel Park

FIDU Properties BBQ Party

FIDU Properties Barbeque Blowout

With summer just around the corner, let the BBQs begin!
Here at FIDU, we are committed to not only producing cutting-edge real-estate services for our clients but also ensuring that our employees are operating in the best work environment possible. Amongst a new era of technology and a growing demand for our services, it is easy to place too much emphasis solely on work and ignoring the wants and needs of employees.

A BBQ would be incomplete without some classic party games, and ours was no different; the main highlights included a sack race, dog and the bone, and the most competitive of all: tug of war. What better way to foster a sense of friendly competitiveness?  At the end of the event, we took the opportunity to mark the occasion by taking an extensive selection of photos, including department only, individuals and some whole company ones, too! The BBQ was an excellent way for our employees to bond with each and strengthen relationships within the family here at FIDU Properties.

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